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Pondering Pond Travel Saturday, 2-May-2009

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I am tentatively planning a trip to the UK to visit some dear friends who live “over the pond.” I will take my soon-to-be 14-year-old son during this precious summer before high school. We’ve talked about going on a trip for awhile and I feel like if we continue to put it off, it may never happen (as so often occurs with dreams and big plans).

My friends in the UK are so dear. We may not see each other often but keep in touch via e-mail, an occasional internet phone call, and a very occasional visit (in the US).

Two are born and raised Brits and one is just moving over to the UK in May:

* Michelle Saxon (http://www.michellesaxon.co.uk/), a wonderful, talented artist and professional craft demonstrator and instructor in the UK. She resides in the Potteries – Stoke-on-Trent. I met her at Art and Soul several years ago (a creative retreat) in Portland, OR. She’s been back several times for Art and Soul and for Artfest (another art retreat). She recently moved into a beautiful historical building that has been restored and made into artists’ lofts.

* Claire Hampton (http://clairehampton.wordpress.com/) is another talented artist and instructor in the UK. She lives in Nottingham. I met her through Michelle at Art and Soul one year. Since then, she’s been over here to attend ArtFest and for at least one other visit. She and her significant other recently remodeled their home to create a new art studio.

* Valerie Warburton will be my newest friend in the UK. In May, she’s leaving Alameda, CA after over 10 years to move to a co-housing community called Postslip in the Cotswolds. She’ll be participating in their organic garden and tending to shared animals (sheep and chickens).

Considering this trip reminds me how many really, really good friends I have in my life who often are friends who may life afar or with whom I do not see very often. Solid, significant, and important friendships endure – the ages, distance, and life changes.

I am very blessed with friends and many have entered my life through art.


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