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Back from Artfest Sunday, 5-April-2009

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Artfest is an annual art treat hosted by Teesha and Tracy Moore in Port Townsend, WA. This was my 4th year attending. I have also attend Art and Soul, held in Portland, OR. I highly recommend both of these retreats from seasoned and new artists, alike.

Attending art retreats or taking art classes has been essential for me and my art. My creativity gets a jump start, I learn new techniques, and there’s something magical about being surrounded by like-minded artistic souls.

Port Townsend is a great place to visit, whether it be for an art retreat, a vacation, or just for the day. Artfest is held at Fort Worden. Surrounded by historical buildings, deer, and the beauty of Puget Sound, it’s a perfect place to inspire creativity.

This year I roomed with a new friend, Lynn Davis, from St. Louis, MO. She is an incredible jewelry artist. Be sure to check out her blog and Etsy shops. I learned so much from her in our short time together! I hope she’ll be able to come to Seattle again and teach a class in my studio.

I took the following classes: All Bundled Up with Misty Mawn, What a Relief with Michael de Meng, and Wood Collage Vignettes with Karen Michel.

All teachers were great. Michael and Karen were my first teachers at my first art retreat, Art and Soul. They remain my favorite instructors, as well as being two of my favorite artists. This year was unusual in that I did not really finish any of the class projects (yet!). In all All Bundled Up, we created a selection of background papers using a variety of painting techniques that can be used in future work. For What a Relief, we took frames and found objects to create a 3-dimensional art. In Wood Collage Vignettes, we created miniature collages on wood and combined them into a larger, single mixed media piece.

It seemed like there were many more Artfest virgins this year, which is a testament to the retreat’s great line-up of instructors, classes, and the whole experience. I met so many wonderful, talented, amazing people – and many who live near. I hope that we’ll get back in touch to do some art together.

Vendor night was an opportunity to see (and purchase!) instuctor’s works, as well as some additional artists and component vendors (yeah, Studios Blackbird!). I maintained a bit of restraint and only purchased a few treasures: Stephanie Lee‘s new book, Semiprecious Salvage: Creating Found Object Art. I took a class from her last year at Art and Soul called “Junk Drawer Metal Smithing.” It was awesome and inspired me to create my current metal jewelry. I also purchased a set of Karen Michel’s postcards. I brought home a wonderful ceramic piece and components by Clarissa Callesen. I think my favorite purchase of the night is a small sculpture of a cat with wings riding a unicycle created by Sue Hadden. It tickled me when I saw it at Art and Soul last year and when I saw it again, I knew I had to have it.

Angel cat on unicycle

Angel cat on unicycle

Be sure to check out my Artfest 2009 slide show.


One Response to “Back from Artfest”

  1. Amy Lee Says:

    Sounds like it was fun… want to see more of your creations from Artfest. The angel cat is cool!

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